Jucy Hotel

Action Engineering was awarded the contract as the main steel contractor, to fabricate, supply and install all the structural steel members making up the entire steel structure for the Jucy Hotel in Queenstown.

We are very proud to mention the fact that we have delivered this entire project for each level and all the grid lines on time, as per our tight schedule, but also with the required standards of workmanship quality being met and having never compromised safety, we have built from the lower lever, to upper level and right through to level 3, and at present we are now busy erecting the roof on site, and should finish before the end of the month finish on time.

Towards the end of the year we will be starting to install the metal works, and are already enjoying this hotel springing up so quickly from bare ground into an astonishing structure and building.

This project has run text book in achieving and deliverables and we look forward to more and exciting projects with new challenges, and new plans and models to proudly place our company logo onto these building sites and adding value to our ever changing and demanding cities and towns.